Realism Smart Device

So how does a newly rebranded agency get its name out while demonstrating its capabilities? Simple, they invent a smart device to treat one of the biggest problems in the world today, smartphone addiction. Enter the Realism Smart Device, the only smart device that shows you the world you’ve been missing. Realism breaks down the digital barrier between you and world around you. We designed the device ourselves and had it manufactured in upstate New York. The campaign included a launch event at Art Basel in Miami, an e-commerce site, in-store retailers, an anthem video, tons of social media and an Etsy app store. If you know someone who could use one, there a few still available for purchase.


The Realism Smart Device is available in black, red, white, clear and the ultra-rare translucent blue.


We spread our gospel on social media. After all, we’re not luddites, we love technology (we just love the real world too). We created the simple visual device of looking through a Realism to see what we’ve been missing. By framing what’s important we reintroduced them to the world again. Pixelating outside the product subtly suggests just how digitally dependent the world has become and how much we need a break.

It worked extremely well with celebrities. 

Realism Social 2 - 4 - celeb.jpg

Posts were instantly recognizable ...

Realism Social 2 - 5 - evangelists.jpg

and everyone could join in.

Realism Social 2 - 6 - evangelists.jpg

Moderation was key. We would only post a few times a week. Responses were only handled during business hours. During weekends and holidays our channels would go dark so we could enjoy time with friends and family. 

Realism’s message of being real worked perfectly on Snapchat.

Of course, being your own client is really fun when it comes to approvals. 

But it really doesn’t mean much if you can't move the product. 


Every smart device needs apps. Ours were created by hijacking real-life items with wax seals and embossers. Any real thing could become a Realism app.

Our app store was located on Etsy. People loved it.


Here’s some of the press Realism received.